Dental Exam
Exam including Oral Cancer Screening €30
Hygenist Cleaning €50
Cleaning & Full Exam €70
X-Ray €20
Silver amalgam €60-80
White tooth coloured composite €90-95
Routine €60-80
Surgical Extraction €125-150
Emergency treatment of abscessed teeth €40-70
Root Canal Treatments
Front 6 teeth (1 Canal) €300
Premolars (2 Canals) €350
Molar (3/4 Canals) €450
Plastic partial denture (acrylic) €375
Full upper denture €400
Full lower €400
Full upper & lower €780
Metal partial denture €840
Addition of teeth and repair of dentures €50-150
Crown €650
Elite Crown €780
Post Crown €150
Implant Restoration €1500
Veneer €500/600
Bridge per unit €600
Teeth Whitening
Home cleaning & whitening kit €150
Whitening gel per tube €25
Other Treatments
Close fitting sports gum shield €140
Bite splint (teeth grinding) €130
Fissure Seals €25
Fissureal Seals x 4 €80
Dental treatment under General anaesthetic

We offer the facility to have dental treatment carried out under general anaesthetic. This is under the care of anaesthesias in a hospital setting. A consultation appointment must be made with Larry to access suitability first.

Medical card Patients are entitled to an exam and two fillings per year any other treatment require approval from the HSE

PRSI covered patients are entitled to one exam per year

Services Overview

We are a Dental Practice based in two locations - Thurles and Templemore, Co. Tipperary

  • Full Dental Service
  • Check Ups
  • Treatments
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Cleaning

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Opening Hours
Thurles - Mon to Friday 9am - 6pm Sat 9.30 - 1pm
Templemore Thursday and Friday 9am - 6pm .

Address: Cathedral Street, Thurles
Phone: +353 504-21262
Address: Bank Street, Templemore
Phone +353 504-32541